Wednesday, January 2, 2013

X,Y.Z...And The End

I began this post for the pagan Blog Project 2012 in the early weeks of December, before the Solstice. Whether we want to admit it or not, our breathing was just a bit ragged as we waited for whatever the end of the Mayan Calendar brought out way, even though no one believed it would really be the end of the world. This is as far as I got, and after re-reading it, I realize it is enough to end the year...

There are only three weeks remaining until the end of the year...Maybe one more week if you believe the hype about the Mayan calendar. What if it really were the end of all time? Would it really matter? What would you do differently? I'll tell you what I'd do...I'd keep on living my life just as I am to the final day. Life starts as a spark that breaks out into a flame and is supposed to burn bright and evenly until there is no more...and then that's all. It simply extinguishes. There is no big bang, just a  sputter or two and's dark and we're gone into nothingness.We are gone. I don't know where we go, but I rather like the Cosmic Cake Mix theory, where all we've ever been goes back into the Universe to be recycled and parts reused to begin something new. Participating in the PBP2012 has been a little like that: what was birthed and took shape and had form has now wound down to it's natural end.

The Pagan Blog Project 2013 kicks in in a couple of days from now, and I'm already working on new posts that I hope you'll find interesting. I'm participating on my own terms, however: only one post per letter of the alphabet, which will allow time for me to continue with regular posts from AmethJera's Broom With A  View as I feel appropriate.

Looking forward to a new beginning in 2013...

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