Friday, December 14, 2012

Take A Moment Out of Time

I'm suggesting we all take a moment to simply gather our thoughts...and breathe. With a breaking story on the news this morning that 27 people are dead in an elementary school in Connecticut at the hand of  another gunman, we are once again reminded how unpredictable, fleeting and fragile life truly is...and yet again we are struggling to understand.

Let's try to be a little kinder to one another from this day forward. The world is a big, scary place full of the Unknown and Unforeseen. The truth is that although some of us can, indeed read signs and omens, they are only glimpses of what may come...and in many cases we can choose to change the course of events if we dare. I hope we choose to live authentically, but with understanding where we can. In those other places, I wish the use of discernment and compassion.

In these long nights of darkness, as we bundle ourselves against the cold, may be warmed by the Light to come, and the Light within each of us.


  1. It's such a sad thing to have happened. Those poor families.

  2. It is indeed sad, and my heart goes out to the victim's families, as well as everyone-child and adult alike-who were present, and the families of surviving children. What a terrible trauma to suffer. I have no other words.

  3. Thank you for your reflection here. Such beautiful thoughts. I'm having such a hard time with this . . . so many of us are . . . I want to reach out with love and peace with everyone right now . . .


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