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Presage 2013

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In the last couple of years I've pulled a spread for the New Year using three decks of Tarot cards and meditation. On New Year's Day I did the same using only the Native American Tarot (One of my favorites, not just because of the imagery, but because the deck is a present from a very gifted friend).
Because this year has been abnormally busy since Day One, I wrote everything down...and then forgot to post that information into this blog. Recently, a couple of things have taken place in the world that reminded me that I'd gotten a similar message during that reading...and I hadn't published what I'd gotten from that session maybe,just maybe, I'd better find my notes and put what came through on that day down for the record.

I've never considered myself an oracle, but I do believe each of us have the gift of foresight. Some use cards, or other methods of divination. I usually dream events, and to be truthful, a lot of it is lost because I've simply gotten too lazy to write it down; when I was actively engaged in a group studying Jungian psychology it was required that members of the group keep a journal of their dreams. Over the last several years I've gotten out of the habit of being consistent with my journals, so this year keeping up ( and analyzing them) is one of my goals.

Okay, so maybe the Mayans weren't any better than Harold Camping at predicting the 'end of the world'...and no, I never really believed any of the hype surrounding the coming of the Rapture, because frankly, I have a sense that if it ever happens, we will be at a point of no return before we actually realize what's taking place. But I do have a sense that something took place around December 21, and I'm positing that it was possibly caused by so many of us focusing on that one particular place in time- that it wasn't a natural occurrence,but one manufactured by the concentrated vibrational energy of humans.

To me it's undeniable that we created a collective shift of consciousness, the reverberation of which we're going to feel for a very long time. What we choose to do with that heightened vibration will determine the outcome of the next few years in a more tangible way. For some of us, perhaps many of us, this is going to require a change in lifestyle which is going to feel like a huge sacrifice at first but which will actually result in bringing us closer to a harmonious way of living. I feel like this is going to be a monumental wake-up call as to what we  can afford and what we think we want and result in  a form of financial solvency that helps put material needs into a more reasonable balance. A harsh examination of our personal resources will result in changing our perspective and priorities globally.

I believe that the importance of the contribution and participation of women cannot be over- emphasized in this stage of our existence. The inherent ability to create order out of chaos of women,
will bring our civilization to a much more practical outlook if we can shed the mindset of having and loving excess.

That's what I got for the big picture; now for some specific events. I need to preface these by saying that when I 'do' predictions, it's very rare that something just materializes in my mind as a concrete thought when I'm meditating. Usually it's the result of that thought being place in a context. I see things as if I were watching a movie, and the details aren't always clear. I've heard psychics such as Joseph Tittle (featured on America's Psychic Challenge), explain it in a similar manner. I'm also going to add the disclaimer that most viewers use that the timing of these event isn't always possible to nail down, some happen within the current year or the next. However I do feel that if they occur, it's within an 18 to 24 month period and no longer.

So, for what they are worth, here's what I've seen:

1. A series of subway murders, likely in NYC, with those dying being pushed onto the tracks from the platform at busy departure points . This will happen often enough under the same circumstances that authorities will eventually conclude that it is the work of the same individual and reluctantly issue a warning to those using the subway to be aware of a serial killer.

2. The release of a shocking, minute by minute narrative of the events of 911 from one of the World Trade Center Towers (which will possibly result from the use of the Freedom of Information Act).

3. A previously unknown pocket of natural gas will be discovered in the South Pacific, possibly near the area of Guam. This will be the result of a natural event such as an earthquake.

4. A significant earthquake will take place in or near the Four Corners region of the  American South West. Another seismic event will later take place in the Pacific Ocean and will be simultaneously felt along the entire coast of California, but not cause any major damage.

5. A backlash against extremist fundamentalists of all faiths will take place on a societal level as the citizens of the US come to terms with the negativity and division they have caused in the country.  This could portend some violence in the Mid-west and South as militant fundamentalist and their political allies are taken to task by the voters, beginning in 2013.

6. A catastrophic weather system will occur unexpectedly in the Pacific Northwest, possibly in late Spring or Summer.

7. Commerce will improve dramatically in the area of the Mississippi River as the natural environment stabilizes. The areas of the Mississippi basin will experience the best financial recover in nearly a decade as a result.

8. A floodgate of information about the mysterious Bermuda Triangle will result after scientists discover a previously unknown natural anomaly or a huge rock formation off the coast of Florida.

9. An archaeological dig in the Sudan will reveal important genetic information pertaining to the origin of humans.

10. Two significant deaths of entertainment icons will occur, possibly in Spring and Winter of this year (one due to old age and one due to an accident). This will be an actor and possibly a musician.
In another event, the career of a young popular entertainer will suddenly evaporate due to the revelation of illicit sex and drug use to his fans. Yet another popular entertainer will temporarily retire from the scene due to injury, but will return to the stage by the end of the year.

11. There will be a major mass transit accident in the North-South corridor, with a significant loss of lives both at the scene and as a result of the event elsewhere in the region, involving either a rail or airline carrier, or possibly the involvement of both.

So much for my notes. Just so you know, I don't invest a lot of energy into worrying if these things will come to fruition, and in the cases of the ones that are perceived as negatives, I'm quite pleased if they don't. It's not about being right with me, I don't keep a score card...I'm just the messenger.

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