Saturday, February 9, 2019

Wash Me Clean

I like to start the New Year by physically cleaning my apartment followed by a spiritual cleansing. I feel that there is residual stale energy left after the holidays ( and then there is always that one elusive strand of tinsel that you missed when taking down the decorations!) Tiny  crumbs of this and that find their way into places you'd least expect, under the furniture where you cannot readily see...

A little vinegar and baking soda with a squirt of Dawn detergent takes care of nearly everything except wood finishes, on which I use lemon oil.
The spiritual cleansing comes after, usually a warm floor wash made with Florida Water or Rose Water. I finish by going around the room with sage and what other herbs I feel appropriate at the moment. If there is a heavy vibration or energy still present, I make another pass with a spiritual spray made with citrus oil and distilled water.

I also  recharge my stones or crystals, and clean their bowls ( I use large shells as holders ) in salt water and dry them with a soft cloth. The crystals themselves are either left in distilled water overnight ( no salt or herbs, which may damage them), or buried in a pot of fresh earth then wiped off, or in sunlight, or moonlight. It's wise to note here that some stones or crystals are reactive to sunlight and may fade. If you place them in a windowsill to take advantage of the light, be mindful of the temperature: some crystals crack in variation of  heat or cold.

Water is a wonderful purifier alone or combined with herbs and oils for yourself as well as the household. Lavender or rose, either in herb or oil form, are lovely for a spiritual bath. Toss in a couple handfuls of Epsom Salts for added health benefit and purification. Visualize what is detrimental or negative from your day melting off you as you pour handfuls of the water over you.
( Don't worry about sitting in the water, the negative vibration/energy will be neutralized by the water, salt and herbs.) If you use an essential oil ( or oil of any kind) in the bath, be sure to wash down the tub afterward so it's not slick or sticky.

I found some lovely Himalayan salt and Rose oil soap made locally to be used in the shower. The same supplier also makes a wonderful teatree and mint soap which is healing to dry skin.

Florida Water diluted with water makes a fine finish to a bath or shower. It's a great toner for the skin, and a terrific body spray. It's spiritual benefits are that it repels negativity and attracts good spirits. It also releases anxiety and tension from the body, and the scent is relaxing.

A word here about candles: as always, be careful with open flames. Shower curtains and towels are highly flammable, as are some liquids such as oils. Use Florida Water with extreme caution where there is a source of fire and because it will ignite even if the vapor comes near a flame. Be aware of your surroundings.

Another word of caution: mind what herbs  or oils you inhale or put on your body. Allergic reactions are always a possibility, particularly when your pores are open, making your skin extra sensitive. Inhaling something your are potentially allergic to can cause severe respiratory distress ( even death).

You can end your home or personal cleansing with a blessing or ritual. It doesn't have to be anything fancy or wordy, just something simple and heartfelt to seal the work you've done.

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