Monday, August 27, 2012


Oberon and Morning Glory in jewels
...As in Witch Jewels. Not familiar with the term? Some of you who have been initiated in degree traditions might be.  For those of you who aren't, they were once the  the badge of office of a High Priestess. Now, because there are so many solitaries, they are the providence of any priestess or priest to wear.

I think it's quaintly anachronistic and ever so slightly delicious in an "every woman's a goddess" kind of way. Because, as the song goes, I enjoy being a girl. There is an old world charm when anyone puts forth the effort to dress the part.

I was not given these particular 'jewels' by a king; in fact, I gave them to myself...because I'm worth it Especially when I am channeling my inner Goddess during a ritual, and even if it's an occasion where I am celebrating solitary...both She Of Many Names and I deserve to feel like a queen...because in that moment, that's what we are. There are no diamonds shining among my jewels:they are mostly semiprecious stones set in silver, but each piece adds layers of meaning. If I, in fact, become the Goddess during ritual, have I not earned the right to adornment?

There are those in the pagan community who scoff at the idea of Witch Jewels. Jewels do not make the Witch,they say... and I agree. What wearing these particular pieces of jewelry does, however, is make me feel special...and magickal.

My elemental cross circlet is set with malachite, yellow quartz,carnelian, turquoise and amethyst. I love the buzzy vibration I get from the combined energy of those particular stones, especially when they're amplified by the clear quartz point earrings I usually wear with it. I feel I am a higher version of my feminine self at that vibration, and I am more womanly. The lovely Maiden shines, the Mother becomes Queen, and the Crone becomes Queen Mother. It is for love of them-and not for the adoration of me-they are worn.


  1. Good morning! I couldn't agree more with you! As a solitary, I sometimes participate with a woman's circle for ritual. Many times, I do my own. On those occasions, I often work skyclad except for whatever jewelry I choose to wear -- I also choose according to the stones and metals and their purpose to align with that of my ritual.

    I'm of the opinion that women (and, men) should feel beautiful and special, every day, with whatever means allowed to them. :)


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