Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Why We Write What We Do

Teo Bishop often serves up an inspirational slice of  home made wisdom in his Bishop in the Grove blog Today's post asked what Pagans wanted to read in their magazines, blogs and books.I was particularly struck by this suggestion because it's Banned Book Week. The fact is that just five years ago a  blog for Pagans would have been rare; ten years ago, and it would have been unheard of. Any time I find someone who writes eloquently and mindfully within our community, that calls for recognition and sharing in my opinion. Our spiritual and personal growth depend on it.

I read BITG because I believe it's possibly the most well crafted and thought through blog online...certainly worth my time, and may I suggest, yours as well if you don't already indulge. Because to me, it often seems like an intellectual indulgence: something like pouring rich melted chocolate over a decadent piece of literary cake...and no one is fighting over fucking pancakes.

Today's Bishop in the Grove poised the question asking what Pagans wanted to read in their magazine, books and blogs,and more to the point, examined why those of who write do so. As a regular reader-and a writer- I was moved to mull this over and respond with my own thoughts. After I finished, I realized that I had written the foundation of the post you're now reading...

" I read other blogs (and write my own) for the occasional " A-ha" moment...I like my books to be a little more enduring. I may not go back to the blog that momentarily enlightened me, but I will always go back to a book on my shelf to refresh my memory or look for a deeper meaning in the words.

The truth is that I started writing my own blog because it was therapeutic; it was for me and just a few others who might have been interested in my occasional ramble or rant. The fact is, however, that now I also write for others because I have gained a bit of readership. I feel I owe it to the people who take time out of their day to make the effort to actually read my blog, and I appreciate and am grateful they care. They spur me on to be better at it, to go deeper, to pay attention to things I might not otherwise and to sometimes address those issues with my own unique voice.

The thing that keeps me personally humble, and the thing I like most about your style of writing, is that we both realize that we are only one voice out of many. I honor the voice inside of you as I honor my own -in a vast sea of others-as it should be.

Keep doing it just the way you're lead, because it makes for a fabulous journey."

And so it does make for a fabulous journey,one we can make together- fearlessly- whether all of us are 'out of the broom closet' or not. Each of us have a distinctly unique voice that should be heard.
And so it must be, by the gods. And so it must be.

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