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According to Swiss psychologist Carl G.Jung, synchronicity is happens when individual events fall together by chance to create a cohesive whole because of their similar association. The resulting whole is greater than any of the individual parts of which it is made. Another way to describe synchronicity is meaningful coincidence. This is a more satisfying definition for me than anything found in New Age thinking.

The whole gist of Chaos Magick is based on the result of  individual factors/elements/forces coming together simultaneously.  Although it's forms are specific to the individual, the results are effective because the underlying premise is that magick is a tool.

Chaos magick draws from many discordant sources: ceremonial magick, Kabbalah, Eastern religions and philosophy, science and science fiction, among others. There is an extraordinary variation among practitioners. Because of this, I believe it is one of the very few magickal systems where mastery is constantly evolving, so there are no actual Adepts. It is a magickal mash-up, a non-system system that works primarily due to synchronicity.

*****************************************************************************The understanding of many of our deities draw directly from the archetypes of the collective unconscious. We often assign human characteristics to our gods in order to better understand and relate to them. In effect, this forms a bond due to synchronicity- our projects make them like us so we can accept their individual quirks more easily. It is the only way we can even begin to approach any rational logic to many of the symbolic myth and stories of our spiritual history.
Jung defined archetypes as " ancient images from the collective unconscious".[Man and His Symbols, C. G.Jung,1964] Jung states that "...archetypes are not individual concepts of the world or individual pieces of the world we must come to know as separate things, but we must come to know the machine (archetypes) as a whole, not just as individuals." His meaning is that these concepts form a synchronicity which defines the collective unconscious. He believed that the archetypes were formed by the collective memories and experiences of many peoples, and that they were shared subconsciously by all in a continuum. Coincidences due to chance suggests manifestation of these images to be shared across cultures and by many individuals as a form of synchronicity. Therefore the experience of one tribe of people were reflective or shared by another tribe, and in fact all these experiences ran true for the whole as governing dynamic. The whole of human experience is interrelated on various levels in regard to society, culture, psychology and spiritual experience. If viewed this way, we truly are one people out of many.

My personal spiritual practice is eclectic and my magical working often fall under the category of Chaos Magic. I'm sure this makes some of you out there clench up, but it works for me. It is the end result that matters, and I believe that if these things are approached respectfully then there is no offense to the universal forces or deities I employ in my workings. I have effectively combined hoodoo road-openings with petitions to Ganesha, written runes on candles that I have charged in the names of archangels and invoked the energies of goddesses with related aspects from different pantheons simultaneously with remarkable effect ...all in the spirit of synchronicity, with the expectation of  positive results. Sometimes those results are rather surprising and not exactly what I had in mind, but I have never been disappointed by what my magick has wrought. I will make the caveat once again that you never call up forces or entities that you are ill prepared to deal with should things take a  bad turn. I will caution you to never work with things you are not thoroughly versed in, do not call upon deities you have no knowledge of ' just because' not be foolish. There is a discernment between creating synchronicity and courting disaster.

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  1. I have always been compelled by Jung's writings. His work with symbology, the collective unconscious, and archetypes is intriguing and rings true for me.


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