Friday, April 26, 2013


(Originally posted as the "H" installation of the Pagan Blog Project 2013)

The value of morals, ethic and honor drew me further into Paganism after my adaptation into this spiritual form of worship. In a world where all of the above are frequently tossed into the arena of conversation-usually with a self-righteous jab of some sort- I've found they are, sadly, only words.

But not to me. To me they are imperatives, in the same way it is necessary to breath to get oxygen. While I may sound a bit
unintentionally smug, I will not apologize for keeping my sense of altruism intact. For one thing it keeps me honest, if with no one other than myself. As another, it reminds me of characteristics to admire and strive toward because I believe that how we treat ourselves and others lays open out credibility and trustworthiness in the community. If you wish to gain the respect and admiration of others, then personal integrity in one's beliefs and actions is the only way to achieve that.

Being a person of honor shows in the awareness of
ones image. How do you want your character and life to be perceived? That's rather a simple answer to me which involves asking the question, "What is the face that you show to all of society?"

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