Sunday, January 3, 2016

And As For 2016...

The public loves hearing predictions and I'm no different.  I think it has to do with the fact that we all enter the year feeling a little confused or afraid of the future. Whether we admit it or not, we are creatures of habit and feel more secure when we know what is to come. I find psychic predictions fascinating, the more far flung and improbable, the better.  I don't hold stock in any one individual in particular, but I've always been drawn to the work of Joseph Tittle who brands himself as "Spiritman". I had a very positive, very accurate reading in person with him in 2002 when I visited New Hope, PA. He was shy but personable, not perfectly polished, but open to conversation. This was years before he became nationally known from appearances on America's Psychic Challenge. While I do think he has an authentic gift: I don't subscribe to his conspiracy theories. But to each his own. I still believe he's one of the legitimate psychics out there.

Having said all that, I don't consider myself particularly in tune to making predictions, but at some time during the point where the calendar year crosses the threshold, I do a meditation, draw a few cards, and take note of what comes to me. Otherwise I don't have a set method other than to just sit and wait...and to be honest, there have been times when nothing has happened. Nothing at all. At other times events roll through my head in disjointed fits and starts. All I normally get are snatches of things that I have to fit into context later. That's where the cards come in handy; I use them for clarity. Sometimes it works, sometimes not.

So, whatever it's worth, here's what came to me last night......

Religion and Politics
An escalation of civil unrest across the country, especially in the South. I don't think any of us really need psychic abilities to come to that conclusion, but years of suppressed, misplaced anger is going to bubble to the surface, and it's going to manifest just short of a civil war.The government and media may not admit to this, but the best way I can describe this event is the way in which I see this happening. As a direct result of this, there is going to be a huge shift away from fundamentalist Christianity. Progressives have been heralding a post-modern Christianity for years, and I see this beginning to take place at this time. As the poor in our country head back to the level of poverty we experienced during the Dust Bowl era, the foundations of Biblical literal thought will crumble from the inside, replaced by a new understanding of the teachings of Jesus that are applicable to us today. Many of those who have been enslaved-yes, that's the word I feel best colors the mindset- by religious leadership who's agenda is more aggrandizing themselves  than glorifying Deity will have the proverbial "ah ha" moment, and as that ripples through the populace, the mindset of the Bible belt- the South in particular- is going to radically change and that will affect everything held culturally sacred in those areas, including politics.

It's going to reach a zenith when a well known religious figure shockingly commits suicide.I saw a figure as this flickered by like a film in fast-forward mode, but his features were blurred. I know that sounds lame, but that's how I saw it happening. What I can say is this man comes from a well known Christian family of long standing, someone who is considered 'royalty' in conservative fundamentalist circles.

I feel the murder of a high profile individual, possibly a political candidate, will take place later this year.

And speaking of politics, I think we're going to have quite a few long time Politicians in the unemployment line in the next year. I see a whole herd of "dark horses" galloping through our political system from the grass roots up.

It will not be a good year for religious extremists, but the terrorist group Daesh will be seriously crippled after they attempt to destroy a revered Egyptian icon, possibly the Sphinx. While I saw the Sphinx in particular in my meditation, that could have been symbolic for any Egyptian icon.

Nature and Natural Occurrences
During my meditation I saw huge waves crashing far over a shoreline. The fragmented scenes I saw were places where waves are unusual, and there was a huge loss of resources because these areas
(I feel there is more than one) are not prepared for this type of activity. I saw water rising in a long, wide river, and when the waters receded, they created two distinct channels. I want to say this is in the mid west, but I am also seeing the area around the mouth of the Mississippi.

I saw some sort of earth change in the Grand Canyon, but nothing of definite clarity.

The earth will crack and shift in many places, particularly the Philippines, will also experience multiple tsunamis.

I also saw many wild fires in desert areas both in the US and abroad, possibly Australia, throughout the year, one coming on the heels of another. Some are the result of weather extreams, and some from earthquakes. In one place in particular, I saw the earth open into a huge crevice; I have no idea of the location. I saw a major earthquake along the East Coast extending into Canada. I also see a bridge collapse in New England, unrelated to the prior event.
This year's corn, coffee, tomato crops will fail, driving the prices of these foods sky high all over the world.
Sometime mid year, an asteroid will split, and knock one of those pieces into an orbit that will possibly affect Earth in someway.

My meditation also revealed a historic theater in flames, possibly in London. I saw a marquee that said "Royal Albert Hall", but again, this could have been merely symbolic and an indicator of a historic building related to the British. ( My psychoanalytic background is Jungian, so many times what I see are archetypes and not factual.) I also see the theater community mourning the loss of a beloved actor; this is not related to the previous prediction. In another scene which played across my mind's eye I saw a headline that an established rock star had fallen gravely ill, but no indication of the outcome. I am assuming this individual did not die, because I saw nothing portending death, only illness.( And to for this I will admit to have seen David Bowie or Prince, but again, because they are both tall and thin and share physical characteristics, that could have been an archetype speaking.

I saw many transportation mishaps on the major Eastern corridor.

But it's not all negative and bad...

A new, effective drug that cures certain types of cancer will be announced soon.

Oil and Gas prices will stay low.

Archaeologists and religious scholars will make a joint announcement as to conclusive proof that Jesus Christ  had a wife. I know this is a perennial favorite in predictions, but this year I feel it will become fact.

A cause for Autism will also be announced
, but this is only one of many, and it will cause an uproar because it will target the mother's lifestyle choices years prior to pregnancy.

Congress will start to seriously talk about Universal health care in the US.


After awhile, focusing in this way simply exhausts me. It's not in my nature to just toss off predictions, and I don't feel I'm particularly gifted in this area. But there have been times that I have been correct, or been correct and said nothing publicly. Like everything else I do here at this blog, my intention is to share my unique magickal/occult experiences; I am far from a prophet and make no claim to being any sort of superior seer. I just thought it would be interesting (and a bit fun) to share these things with you.

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