Saturday, January 16, 2016

One With Nature: A Mid-January Meditation

It is a good day, even if it is raining. The roots of grass and trees need this long drink of water on a cold January day to prepare for the Spring to come. So even if it is overcast and cold it is a good day. The Earth now sleeps in this Winter, but soon-very soon-the first crocus will dare to sacrifice itself to announce that it time for rebirth. Crocuses never last long here and mostly wilt in  the cold, but their momentary appearance is the embodiment of hope.

It is a good day.Cold nights will give over to warmer ones. Buds of every kind will joyfully burst forth. So even now, it is a good day.

It is a good day. There is food in the pantry and a roof over my head, even if this place is not my ideal. Mountains just beyond the windows are still a wondrous sight that greets me every morning. An occasional glimpse of deer and other wildlife is still a gift. So I will make do until something better is given to me.

It is a good day. My books and cat keep company with me. There is usually a cup of hot tea and a few cookies, and I cannot think of anything more comforting for right now.

Thank you, Goddess for this good day, and all it's gifts.

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