Saturday, November 12, 2016

Attention Magickal Practitioners: Working For The Common Good-What You Can Do Right Now

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I have been sitting here for the last few days trying to take it all in and rationally process just exactly happened in this country on November 8th. Like many of you, I also need to take a personal inventory and make a realistic plan of what I'm going to do after January 20th and for the future.

But for right now, I think we all need to just take a deep cleansing breath and get grounded. What could well happen to dismantle the rights of women, people of color, LGBT individuals and those of us who hold non-Christian Fundamentalist views is looming large as a reality in our future. The tactics that will be used will be subtle and not-so-subtle a form of perverted nationalism dressed in the guise of patriotism that is counter to the worldview of the majority of American citizens as proven by the popular vote.

Following the example set by our ancestors, who gathered in times of crisis, we should gather now. Those who have gone before us looked to their healers and elders for solutions and aligned themselves accordingly looking to their wisdom traditions. In the face of adversity, they stood tall and courageous and we can too. It will not be easy-but it is not impossible or hopeless.

Many of us are by self-proclamation, practitioners of magick of one form or another. Magick, rightly approached, is the ability to harness the powers of Nature to be used to used toward a desired effect or outcome.

(Note: I am using a white pill bottle with a screw on lid. I am planning on inscribing binding runes on the outside of the bottle after it is sealed and placing it far in the back of my freezer.If you use this method, you should choose your runes so they are personalized and carry more of your energy.)

Share freely any way you choose. Your participation is appreciated!

1 - Light a white candle.
2 - Write the following: "I neutralize Donald Trump and Mike Pence from doing any and all harm to women and their health, the L G B T community and their marriage, the animals and our financial stability in the United States as well as globally. Protect the immigrants, people of color and the disabled."
3 - Fold the paper up away from you (symbolizing pushing the energy away from you) and put it in a sealable jar or container.
4 - Concentrate on the intention of protection and neutralization 5 - Seal the container and pour the white wax on the jar to seal it further.
6 - Place the jar in your freezer.

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