Monday, July 18, 2011

My Versatile Blogger Nominees....

  • I love to read other blogs. Thankfully, there's no limit and some truly outstanding writers out there in cyberspace. My nominees aren't well known; some of them are in fact fairly new but I feel deserve recognition for their work.

  • According to the rules for this award as I understand, if you're nominated, you've already won...This is an award given to bloggers by other bloggers in recognition and appreciation for their contribution to the community...The award badge is a great way to know when you've come across something that have both quality and variety. It's public recognition of a blog with both versatility and diversity.Part of the recognition process is that there is a real, live person behind the computer, and that particular writer must post some little known facts about themselves covered in 7-9 points and to nominate at least five blogs that they think fit the category from their personal experience with them. Happy reading!.
  •  If you've already received this award or would prefer not to participate, no offense is taken.

  • An Army of Ermas
  • This humor blog of true life stories in the style of the late American commentator, Erma Bombeck.  If this blog doesn't make you laugh out loud, you're dead. The  rotating cast of guest writers, which includes one of my all time favorites, Patti Wigington , is hip and hilarious.

  • Cake Wrecks
  • While the medium is always the same-really really bad cakes, the variety is astounding. There has been everything from the life-size human Barbie Princess cake to Cthulhu and nearly every thing in between, which poses the question:WTF happened here? 

  • HeartSong's Circle
  • Pagan High Priest Alan Heartsong tackles practical questions  that don't always have easy answers, but always make you think with humor, grace and discernment. Sometimes the subjects are cutting edge news, sometimes reflective, sometimes instructive. I always learn something new or come away with a different perspective after reading his posts.
  • Heart of Goddesses
  • Reflective and coming from a place of authenticity, this blog is the story of the everyday life and struggle of a single mother and her daughter who's conquering  childhood leukemia. Triumphant and inspiring, both for it's varying subject matter and honesty.
  • Cordelia's Cauldron
  • Cordelia's homespun witchiness is endearing and enduring as she alternates family history, fabulous recipes and personal essays on whatever comes to mind. In my opinion, one of the most grounding and magickal blogs on the web.
  • My Victorian Parlor
  • More of Cordelia's wonderful storytelling, this time with a Victorian era echo. She covers everything Victorian, from ghost stories, societal mores, and funeral etiquette to tales of the Civil War  and genealogy, with an eye for detail and a flair for making what could be very dry history interesting and juicy.
  • JP's Poetry
  • Fresh and original poetry from someone I'm proud to call a friend. Her depth and insight is astounding for one of so few years. She's an old soul with a new voice.
  • Between the Worlds
  • With the byline of "The life of a Witch is lived between the world of man and the realm of spirit", you know this is going to be differently entertaining. Carolina Dean is a Pagan and Kitchen Witch well know in the magickal community for his lively personality, biting commentary, and Occult mastery. In this story blog he adds novella writer to that list. Always delightful and full of surprises.

  • Mrs. B's Confessions of  a Pagan Soccer Mom
  • Mrs. B recently received recognition as the top blog in the religion category over at Circle of Moms- but not without some controversy. That's why I love her: she's painfully honest and always gracious in the face of adversity.
  • Diary of a Familiar in Training
  • Okay, I'll admit that I'm a sucker for anything about cats... especially a diary about the adventures of a kitten who's learning to be a witch's familiar written from his perspective. The versatility is in the adventure! Cute and wonderfully fanciful, every entry is a joy.
  • The Secret Life of An American Working Witch 
  • Kallan often writes what I'm thinking. She's sassy,opinionated, and writes a virtual cornucopia of articles dealing with, well....everything I care about, some stuff I don't but should and everything in between with pizazz. If it's part of the pop culture or Pagan Community, it's on her page. If it's not popular but deserves a word or two, she gives it it's due. Enough said.

  • Thank you all for enriching my life with your wonderful blogs!

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      1. Aw.. you are too kind, Amethjera! I am one of YOUR biggest fans. You write with such elegance... where I'm the sassy one who uses way too many ellipses, you write exactly what I'm thinking or feeling with grace and style. Thank you so much for your lovely kindness here. I am honored.


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