Monday, April 23, 2012

A Meditation on Holiness

"Holy, Holy, Holy.
Lord God Almighty;
God in Three Persons-
Blessed Trinity!"

"Holy God. Holy and Mighty. Holy Immortal One: Have mercy on us."

To be holy is to be sacred, to be revered, raised up to a place of supreme honor. To be holy is to be in the realm of the gods. It bespeaks of perfection and wholeness. It is the ultimate sublime.

And yet, we Pagans as mere mortals are asked to seek that which is holy within ourselves and others, to come down from the high place on the mountaintop and to look down into the Place for Deep Indwelling to search for the holiness in humanity. To look for the God/dess within.

This often takes all our senses in tandem: we look and see to realize, smell and taste to delight, reach out and touch to connect, and hear to recognize and remember.

Holy does not always come all at once; at times it comes in small batches and pieces that must be put into place to be appreciated....and sometimes, it just is. Sometimes you see it in others. Sometimes you get a glimpse in yourself. Sometimes you know it's there but you have to work at making it  obvious.

Sit in peace. Accept Grace. Become Holy.

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