Saturday, April 2, 2011

When the Hallowed Halls Are Just Hollow

"First they came for the Communists...and I didn’t speak up, because I wasn’t a Communist. Then they came for the Jews... and I didn’t speak up, because I wasn’t a Jew. Then they came for the Catholics... and I didn’t speak up, because I was a Protestant. Then they came for me... and by that time there was no one left to speak up for me.~by Rev. Martin Niemoller,

This time we do know..and we have a voice. The community is buzzing about the Social Transformation conference being held on the campus of Harvard University. And we know who's participating and what their message is and who allowed this to happen by giving them a venue.

Harvard PR spokespersons have been quick to attempt to downplay the resulting outrage of the public over allowing The International Coalition of Apostles to meet on their campus. They've been quick to point out that it's the not the main university, it's the continuing education department that has allowed this pack of domination religionists to hold it's hate-fest in one of their science buildings. They are pointing the finger at a student group. They have made press releases proclaiming that we have it all wrong, the ICA will muzzle the mad dogs and no one is going to talk about killing witches in Africa, or gays in America, or Muslims, or...You aren't falling for this either, are you?

As I read the press release from Harvard this afternoon, I was stunned, not so much by their outright foolishness in releasing such a silly statement, but by how malleable they are pretending to be. This is Harvard University, one of the "Big Three" in the Ivy League, and their spin doctors can't do any better than this? Telling the public that,' well, yes, we know the ICA has made these hateful, bigoted war cries before...but they won't be doing that at Harvard.'This is where we send our future CEOs, captains of industry, and best and the brightest of our students and they can't do any better than offer an excuse that is this lame?

Well, now we know that the powers that be at Harvard University thinks that the public are fools, that we will swallow anything we are fed...because it comes from the Hallowed Halls of Harvard.

Reminds me of the chorus of a song Tom Paxton wrote 40 years ago about  the Third Reich infiltrating  society in the early years of  World War II and how the holocaust came about:

We didn't know at all
We didn't see a thing
You can't hold us to blame
What did we do?
It was a terrible shame-
But we can't bare the blame,
Oh,no, not us...we didn't know.

Have you seen the horrifying, nasty videos from other conferences presented by the ICA? I have- they're all over the Internet. They are disturbing. Not in the least because they call for witch hunts, but because they echo the sentiments of those who sought world domination and nearly succeeded before. As reported by the Harvard Crimson today:
'Dr. Lance Wallnau, who has had the following to say about why Social Transformation is necessary: “So you've got your homosexual activity, your abortion activity here, Islam coming in, you've got a financial collapse—all of this, to those of us who are Christians, is an apocalyptic confirmation that when you remove God from public discourse, when you don't line up your thinking with kingdom principles, you inevitably hit an iceberg like the Titanic and you go down.”'

Those are not benign words. They are bigotry. They are hatred. And they are aimed at us...all of us, not just witches...all of us... Gay,straight,witch and non-witch and, yes, other Christians. In short, anyone who will stand in the way of the International Coalition of Apostles and their warped agenda and their version of the Kingdom of God.

Link to the Harvard Crimson: 

But we have voices who are unafraid to speak up and speak out this time in our community. Oberon Zell Ravenheart first alerted the Pagan community through a Facebook post last night. Tonight he was joined by Rev. Don Lewis of Witch School on a Pagans Tonight pod cast. The piece is long and requires a block of time to listen to....but I strongly encourage you to listen. It's enlightening. It is not hysterical ranting about the return of the Burning Times, it's two leaders of the Pagan community discussing the impact of the ICA's mission on not only the Pagan community, but the world. 

We have a very real need to be educated and prepared, because now our own First Amendment rights are at stake: our freedom to worship, to love whom we choose, to live as we wish will be forever changed if these loonies aren't met at the door. Harvard should be ashamed for opening that door, because they have now allowed the floodgates to open and made way for this group to become a plague and an evil in our society because they now seemingly have credibility because they can claim a flimsy  affiliation with one of the greatest schools of higher learning on the planet. The Hallowed Hallows are ringing at Harvard, and it is an mournful, hollow sound.

( Last night a group of Pagans requested that I create an online petition. We have at this very moment 485 signatures. 500 would make a significant impact. Please consider signing and re-posting anywhere-on Twitter,Facebook,your own blog or website. It's not just a Pagan issue, or a gay's a human issue because it's about stopping human rights abuse.)

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