Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Great Backpedal of 2011

painting by Frank Franzetta
As I'm sitting here writing this blog, it's about ten minutes on the East Coast until the rumored Rapture predicted by Harold Camping...Who has already begun what will surely be known as "The Great Backpedal of 2011." According to a statement from Camping owned and operated Family Radio Network, they're still waiting, too, and if the Rapture doesn't happen in the Holy City of Jerusalem, then...there was a mistake.( Hmmmm...The mistake, I believe, is that Jerusalem wasn't mentioned before. The story has changed...and will continue to change.)

According to Reuters News Service, Family Radio has been airing "recorded church music, devotionals and life advice unrelated to the apocalypse" throughout the day. Their site usually allows live stream, but it seems they've been having a problem broadcasting today, and Reuters is speculating it's likely due to server overload. I couldn't get into it a few minutes ago when I tried.

Maybe all the engineers and technicians of Family Radio are outside awaiting their heavenly reward. Or...maybe they're all in hiding. Maybe they've left town to avoid the rush to their door of angry, disappointed supporters who are having second thoughts. Or malicious thoughts about how to get all the money back they were duped into ponying up to help spread word of the great religious event Mr.Camping promised.

Personally, I believe the great religious event  of the day is the revelation is that the Bibles was absolutely correct in it's assessment and warning of false prophets and that mankind is prone to repeated folly.

I really, really want to hear the official excuse given by Family Radio. It has the potential to be the best entertainment of the year.


  1. I figured when the great rapture didn't happen, he would start backpedaling his story and making excuses. lol This will be interesting to see what happens next!

  2. I think so, too. Interesting that he suddenly became unavailable when things started to slip, and Family Radio essentially became silent.


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